Tourist places at Coorg  

Tourist places of Coorg


 47 Kms from Madikeri  
Talacauvery is the source of the river Kaveri, located on the Brahmagiri hill near Bhagamandala in Kodagu district, Karnataka. It is located at 1,276 m. above sea level. Kodavas have erected a tank which is now considered as its origin. It is believed that the River originates as a spring feeding a tank or a Kundike and then flows underground to re-emerge as Kaveri some distance away. The tank is marked by a temple and bathing in it on special occasions is considered holy. The beautiful temple is surrounded by even more breathtaking hills. The undulating hills and lush green meadows are very picturesque. One can climb the 407 steps to the top of the hill, towards the clouds and breath in the pure and serene air of the natural surrounding.Talacauvery is a sacred pligrimage place, so travellers are advised to wear traditional attire and not to consume non Veg or Alcohol before visiting this place.

Abby Falls

 6 Kms from Madikeri  
Abbey Falls, also known as Abbi Falls, is located around 10 kilometres away from the town of Madikeri and is one of the most popular tourist Places at Coorg . The water cascade coming down from the cliff from a height of 70 feet provides a spectacular scene to behold. Nestled within the lush greenery which is typical to the sceneries of Western Ghats, the waterfalls attract hundreds and thousands of people throughout the year - especially nature lovers and photographers. The waterfall is located between private coffee plantations with stocky coffee bushes and spice estates with trees entwined with pepper vines. There is an over-bridge that hangs opposite of the falls, from where the most picturesque scene of white foams gushing down the ridge can be seen, captured and remembered. The flow of the falls leaves a significant amount of water spray on those who stand on the bridge for some time.

Raja seat

 0.5 Kms from Madikeri  
 Raja's Seat, a garden with beautiful flowering plants and skilfully designed artificial fountains, is located in Madikeri in the district of Coorg. The garden was a favorite venue to rejuvenate for the Kings of Kodagu, and they loved watching the sunsets sitting here as they spent some memorable time with their Queens. Even today, the breathtaking view of the Sun setting into the undulated mountains is mesmerizing. The delightful garden here is adorned with a multitude of flowers and is a treat to nature lovers, and the proximity of the location also makes it a preferred picnic spot for the locals. Visiting Raja's Seat is an excellent way to get a glimpse into the lifestyle of royal indulgence in Coorg. There is also a Toy Train available for your little ones to take a ride on and the fountains have been modified into musical fountains. Thia is one of the most visited tourist places at Coorg.

Dubare Elephant camp

 37 Kms from Madikeri  
  Once a training site for elephants of the famous Dasara procession in Mysore, the Dubare Elephant camp offers a unique adventure to visitors by allowing them the experience of living in coexistence with the trained elephants,  it is an ideal destination to learn about the various aspects of the history, ecology, and biology of elephants, as well as see a large number of Asiatic elephants stroll through peacefully as they enjoy their natural habitat. Being an elephant camp, the most popular activity would be elephant riding, especially appealing to children of visiting families. One may also partake in various aspects of caring for and interacting with elephants such as feeding them produce like ragi, jaggery, and bananas, witnessing the bathing of the elephants. Also can enjoy boating in river Cauvery.

Omkareshwara Temple

 0.5 Kms from Madikeri  
  Depicting both Islamic and Gothic architecture, Omkareshwara temple was built in 1820 by Lingarajendra as a dedication to Lord Shiva.The Omkareshwara Temple is an ancient shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is situated in the town of Madikeri in Coorg, Karnataka. The speciality of the temple is that its construction reflects a mix of Gothic and Islamic styles. It is a popular religious destination of Coorg.
The story goes around that the king had killed a Brahmin to fulfil his political ambitions. However, the king started to have nightmares for his cruel deed. In order to free himself from the nightmares, the King sought the advice of a few wise men. They asked the king to build a temple of Lord Shiva to regain his mental peace.The king followed their advice and brought a Shivalingam from the holy town of Kashi and installed it at a newly constructed temple. It is said that the stopped having the nightmares king after the temple was built. This Shivalingam is worshipped as Omkareshwara.

Golden Temple

 35 Kms from Madikeri  
  The monastery was set up in 1963 by Kyabje Penor Rinpoche, the 11th throne-holder of the Palyul school of Nyingma Tibetan Buddhism. Popularly known as the 'Golden Temple', the Namdroling Monastery holds some excellent examples of Tibetan architecture and artwork, as seen with the elaborately decorated temple tower and ornate outer walls, intricately adorned with beautiful murals. The red doors have giant golden knockers. Inside, one has the privilege of witnessing the enormous 40 feet high golden statues of Guru Padmasambhava, Buddha Sakyamuni and Amityaus, surrounded by lovely paintings of various aspects of Tibetan Buddhist mythology. The prayer rituals conducted by the monks are a unique sight that must not be missed. The serene vibe of the place is amplified by the well-manicured gardens that surround the area. This monastry is one of the best tourist places at Coorg.


 27 Kms from Madikeri  
  Nisargadhama is a breathtakingingly beautiful island off the state highway, two km from Kushalanagar town and 28 km from Madikeri. The 64-acre island, surrounded by the Cauvery river, can be accessed by walking across a hanging bridge. Established in 1989, the picturesque picnic spot with lush foliage of thick bamboo groves, sandalwood and teak trees has lovely river-side cottages. A deluxe cottage on stilts with the Cauvery flowing around it, can accommodate five persons. Elephant rides and boating are some of the other attractions. There is a deer park, children’s park and orchidarium in the resort. Medicinal plants are also grown. Tourists are allowed to get into water at a few shallow and safe points along the river.

Madikeri fort

 0.1 Kms from Madikeri  
  This ancient fort was first constructed in the latter half of the seventeenth century by Muddu Raja, who was the king at that time, on the occasion of declaring Madikeri as the new capital of Coorg. The possession of this fort passed through various hands after it was captured by Tipu Sultan. Consequently, there occurred significant changes in the structure and design of the fort as well, the most major ones being made by the British. Presently, the Madikeri Fort houses the office of Madikeri's Deputy Commissioner, as well as other objects of interest to the visitors. These include life-sized elephants at the entrance, a museum, important artefacts and portraits.  Situated in the centre of the town of Madikeri, the majestic fort continues to stand in all its glory till date.


 21 Kms from Madikeri  
   Overlooking the grassy knolls of Pushpagiri forests in the Western Ghats, Mandalpatti is a spectacular and unique vantage point in Coorg, Karnataka. Huddled at an altitude of 1800 m, this place mesmerises all those who visit it. Also known by the name of ‘Muguli-Peth’  the place’s relentless tranquility and inexhaustible wonder will soothe you and make you want to visit over and over. There’s nothing quite like perching atop this mountain as you watch birds hovering over distant hills. The spot is especially famous for the view it offers at sunrise and sunset, when the distinct red and pink hue of the sun rays filters through numerous clouds, making the sight unearthly yet beautiful.If you're making a visit to Coorg -- and have come to enjoy your experience with the place -- but are still left wanting for more, take a bumpy ride through coffee estates and tricky bends to this charming pocket of nature and add a perfect finishing touch to your memorable trip! This is one of the much visit Tourist places at Coorg.

Raja's Tomb

 1 Km from Madikeri  
   Gaddige also known as Raja’s tomb is located in one of the beautiful hill station of Karnataka, Madikeri, Coorg. Gaddige or the tombs are built in Muhammadan style with tombs at the center and turrets at the corners. Nandi figures are carved on top of the corners.The entrance of the tombs has carvings too. Lord Shiva is placed and worshipped inside the tomb since the king was Hindu. This is a very fascinating fact because most of the tombs belong to Muslim kings and dynasties. There are three tombs built for the royal dynasty. The central tomb which is the largest among the three is of Kodava king Doddaveerarajendra and his wife Mahadeviamma. The right tomb built by Chikkaveerarajendra for his father Lingarajendra in 1820 A.D. The left tomb belongs to Veerarajendra’s guru Rudrappa built in 1834 A.D. Closer to the tombs is the burial place of the two brave royal officials Biddanda Bopu and his son Biddanda Somaiah who sacrificed their life fighting with Tippu Sultan.

Nagarahole National Park

 94 Kms from Madikeri  
    Nagarahole national park is one of the most popular tourist places at Coorg, With its diversity of flora and fauna, the Nagarhole National Park is one of the best known wildlife reserves in India. It houses not just multiple species of plants and shrubbery but also mammals, reptiles, crawlers and rare birds.Tiger, Indian bison and Asian elephants are found in large numbers inside the park. Other species include leopards, wild dogs, jackals, grey mongoose, sloth bears, striped hyena, spotted dear (Chital), sambhar, four-horned antelopes, wild boars, Indian porcupine.The national park has over 270 species of birds including the critically endangered Oriental White Backed Vulture, the Greater Spotted Eagle and the Nilgiri Wood-Pigeon. Reptiles including the crocodiles, vine snakes, wolf snakes, rat snakes, bamboo bat viper, Russell's Viper and Indian Rock Python are also found here.

Irpu Falls

 80 Kms from Madikeri  
   One of the most visited tourist places at Coorg, irpu falls is a picturesque waterfalls cascading along the Brahmagiri Mountain Range, Iruppu falls is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in the Coorg district of South Karnataka.  Nestled amidst the evergreen woods of the Western Ghats, Coorg boasts of many misty waterfalls. Among them Irupu is the most popular, not just for its mesmerizing beauty and greenery, but also because of its religious importance. People come here to enjoy the blissful vicinity of nature, the grandeur of the falls and for seeking spiritual peace in the tranquillity of the place.  En route to the magnificent falls stands the famous Shiva temple Rameshwara along the banks of the river. Both the river stream and the temple have folklore behind their existences which have roots in the story of the epic Ramayana.

Nishani hills Trekking

 11 Kms from Madikeri  
  Nishani hills in  Galibeedu mountain range is situated near Madikeri, which is a very popular destination for trekking in Coorg in Karnataka. Madikeri is the headquarters of Kodagu district and is renowned for its natural beauty and scenic splendour. The Galibeedu range is popular among trekkers for its diverse terrain and picturesque surroundings. The temperature is relatively pleasant but can dip to freezing temperatures during the winters. Galibeedu to Subramanya is the most opted trail, this trail needs an expert guidance due to its wilderness and thick woods.The Nishani hills  is the highest peak in the Galibeedu range.

Tadiandamol Trekking

 44 Kms from Madikeri  
  Tadiandamol is the highest mountain peak in Coorg, at an elevation of 1748m. Most tourists interested in trekking are drawn to this place as the journey is difficult, but the view from the top, unparalleled.While being the second highest peak in all of Karnataka, Tadiandamol trek is also a very good option for nature lovers who desire scenic surroundings and are beginners in the trekking scene. The trial takes you through the vast expanse of the Shola forest, lush green mountains, dense jungle and beautiful panoramic view.  It is a day trek which makes it even more doable for city folks- whether avid trekkers and hikers. A famous historical landmark “Nalknad-Palace” resides at the foothills of the mountain. A perfect trek to start with and a must do trek.

Nalaknad Palace

 39 Kms from Madikeri  
  Nalknad Palace has been built by a Haleri ruler Dodda Virarajendra in the year of 1792. This was built by him after he escaped from the Tippu sultan's troops. Dodda Virarajendra is said to have married Mahadevammaji at this place in 1796. In order to protect against enemy armies, Dodda Virarajendra built an underground tunnel which originated from the palace and ended at Madikeri. emperor of Halari family Chikaverarajendra took shelter when the British entered the Kodagu district. The walls and roof of the palace have many beautifully made ancient paintings and carvings which makes the palace even more captivating. Along with this, the palace has a huge gateway and has a kalyana mandapa which is a platform to hold marriage ceremonies.The palace also has a durbar. It is the place from where King held his meeting and watch entertainment performances. At the basement of the palace, there are two ‘dark rooms’ which were used as the hiding place of the king.

Mallalli falls

 61 Kms from Madikeri  
 Mallalli Falls is one of the most mystifying waterfalls in Coorg & also one of the best tourist places at Coorg, Karnataka. This mesmerising waterfalls, and its beauty cannot be compared with any other natural water body. Mallalli Falls are seasonal falls and are best witnessed during the monsoons. They fall from a height of 1000 metres sequentially in two tiers. The falls originate where River Kumaradhara takes a deep plunge of over 1000 metres and then follow a natural route that ends into the Arabian Sea. These gorgeous waterfalls are sure to take your breath away. The heavenly scenery with lush green forests and the clear white waters of River Kumaradhara falling deep from the point of origin of the waterfall is a marvellous sight never to be missed.

Chelavara falls

 41 Kms from Madikeri  
Chelavara Falls is one of the most enchanting falls in Coorg, Karnataka. These vigorous falls gush down from a height of 150 feet on a rock shaped like a tortoise. Therefore, this fall is also known as Embepare in local language which means "tortoise rock" in daily language. This huge volume of natural beauty originates from a small stream, a tributary of Kaveri near Cheyyandane village in Karnataka. Nestled amongst the serene greenery of coffee plantations, the Chelavara falls are a sight to see and a memory to remember. The best experience can be had during the monsoons or just after monsoons when the water level is at its peak and the surrounding forests at their luscious best.The enchanting falls tumbling down the lush greenery are enough to take your breath away. Standing on the nearby rocks, feeling the refreshing breeze across the face with water splashing on you, is a mesmerizing feeling. Although, visitors must remember that this apparently cheerful fall is actually 100 meters deep. Tourists are advised against taking a dip to avoid any kind of accident.

Harangi dam

 33 Kms from Madikeri  
 Located in the Hudgur village near Kushalnagar, Harangi dam also makes for an interesting visit. The dam has been built across the tributary of River Cauvery and has a height of 47 meters and length of 846 meters. It is one of the popular picnic spot with mesmerising natural setting and relaxed atmosphere. Located at a distance of approximately 36 km from Madikeri, Harangi dam is the first Dam to have been built across River Cuavery.The place is comparatively less crowded and thus is perfect for those looking for some seclusion and private time with the nature. Soothing environment with gentle breeze greets as you enter the area around the dam. The best time to visit the dam is during the months of August to September. During this time, the reservoir is completely filled with water creating for a picture perfect setting.