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River rafting

Dubare Rafting, Rangasamudra, Karnataka, India

37 Kms from Madikeri

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Place Description

White water Rafting at Dubare is an exciting experience. The water of Kaveri River offers rapids that takes the thrill one notch higher. Located near the Elephant Camp, Dubare offers Class I and II rapids for either 8 km or 12 km stretches. Dubare is great for first-time rafters as the river is gentler and wider in this area. It meanders through thick, dense forests. The peak season for rafting at Dubare is during the monsoons from June to Auguest , when the water level rises. At this time, it’s advisable to book in advance. Otherwise, rafting sessions can be booked directly at the camp. There are a number of different rafting routes that vary in difficulty level. Life jackets and paddles will be provided and the instructor will guide everyone before and during the rafting session. White water Rafting is 37 kms from Madikeri.

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Place Location

Dubare Rafting, Rangasamudra, Karnataka, India

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