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Raja's Tomb

Raja's Tomb, Mahadevpet, Madikeri, Karnataka, India

1 km from Madikeri

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Place Description

Gaddige also known as Raja’s tomb is located in one of the beautiful hill station of Karnataka, Madikeri, Coorg. Gaddige or the tombs are built in Muhammadan style with tombs at the center and turrets at the corners. Nandi figures are carved on top of the corners. The entrance of the tombs has carvings too. Lord Shiva is placed and worshipped inside the tomb since the king was Hindu. This is a very fascinating fact because most of the tombs belong to Muslim kings and dynasties. There are three tombs built for the royal dynasty. The central tomb which is the largest among the three is of Kodava king Doddaveerarajendra and his wife Mahadeviamma. The right tomb built by Chikkaveerarajendra for his father Lingarajendra in 1820 A.D. The left tomb belongs to Veerarajendra’s guru Rudrappa built in 1834 A.D. Closer to the tombs is the burial place of the two brave royal officials Biddanda Bopu and his son Biddanda Somaiah who sacrificed their life fighting with Tippu Sultan. Raja's Tomb is just 1 km from Madikeri. its one of the places of visit in Coorg.

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Place Location

Raja's Tomb, Mahadevpet, Madikeri, Karnataka, India

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