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Mandalpatti, Hammiyala, Karnataka

21 kms from Madikeri

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Place Description

Overlooking the grassy knolls of Pushpagiri forests in the Western Ghats, Mandalpatti in Coorg is a spectacular and unique vantage point in Coorg, Karnataka. Huddled at an altitude of 1800 m, this place mesmerizes all those who visit it. Also known by the name of ‘Muguli-Peth’ the place’s relentless tranquility and inexhaustible wonder will soothe you and make you want to visit over and over. There’s nothing quite like perching atop this mountain as you watch birds hovering over distant hills. The spot is especially famous for the view it offers at sunrise and sunset, when the distinct red and pink hue of the sun rays filters through numerous clouds, making the sight unearthly yet beautiful. If you're making a visit to Coorg -- and have come to enjoy your experience with the place -- but are still left wanting for more, take a bumpy ride through coffee estates and tricky bends to this charming pocket of nature and add a perfect finishing touch to your memorable trip! This is one of the much visit Tourist places at Coorg. 

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Mandalpatti, Hammiyala, Karnataka

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