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Mallalli Falls

Mallalli Falls, Kumarahalli, Karnataka, India

53 Kms from Madikeri

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Place Description

Mallalli Falls in Coorg is one of the most mystifying waterfalls in Coorg & also one of the best tourist places at Coorg, Karnataka. This mesmerizing waterfalls, and its beauty cannot be compared with any other natural water body. Mallalli Falls are seasonal falls and are best witnessed during the monsoons. They fall from a height of 1000 meters sequentially in two tiers. The falls originate where River Kumaradhara takes a deep plunge of over 1000 meters and then follow a natural route that ends into the Arabian Sea. These gorgeous waterfalls are sure to take your breath away. The heavenly scenery with lush green forests and the clear white waters of River Kumaradhara falling deep from the point of origin of the waterfall is a marvelous sight never to be missed. Mallalli falls is 61 kms from Madikeri & its really one of the Best places of visit in Coorg.

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Place Location

Mallalli Falls, Kumarahalli, Karnataka, India

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