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Harangi dam

Harangi Dam, Bendebetta Forest, Karnataka, India

32 Kms from Madikeri

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Place Description

Located in the Hudgur village near Kushalnagar, Harangi dam also makes for an interesting visit. The dam has been built across the tributary of River Cauvery and has a height of 47 meters and length of 846 meters. It is one of the popular picnic spot with mesmerising natural setting and relaxed atmosphere. Located at a distance of approximately 36 km from Madikeri, Harangi dam is the first Dam to have been built across River Cuavery.The place is comparatively less crowded and thus is perfect for those looking for some seclusion and private time with the nature. Soothing environment with gentle breeze greets as you enter the area around the dam. The best time to visit the dam is during the months of August to September. During this time, the reservoir is completely filled with water creating for a picture perfect setting. Harangi dam is 33 kms from Madikeri & its one the tourist places of Coorg. 

For Sightseeing

Place Location

Harangi Dam, Bendebetta Forest, Karnataka, India

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