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Abbey Falls

Abbey falls, Abbey Falls Road, Hebbettageri, Karnataka, India

6 kms from Madikeri

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Place Description

Abbey Falls, also known as Abbi Falls, is located around 6 kilometres away from the town of Madikeri and is one of the most popular tourist Places at Coorg . The water cascade coming down from the cliff from a height of 70 feet provides a spectacular scene to behold. Nestled within the lush greenery which is typical to the sceneries of Western Ghats, the waterfalls attract hundreds and thousands of people throughout the year - especially nature lovers and photographers. The waterfall is located between private coffee plantations with stocky coffee bushes and spice estates with trees entwined with pepper vines. There is an over-bridge that hangs opposite of the falls, from where the most picturesque scene of white foams gushing down the ridge can be seen, captured and remembered. The flow of the falls leaves a significant amount of water spray on those who stand on the bridge for some time. Abby falls is one of the best places of visit in Coorg.

For Sightseeing

Place Location

Abbey falls, Abbey Falls Road, Hebbettageri, Karnataka, India

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