Abby estate stay


Standard Homestay- ​A well maintained Homestay surrounded by nature just  2 kms from Madikeri.

Tariff - Rs 2000/night double occupancy with complimentary breakfast, Group stay Rs 1200/person per night with breakfast & Camp fire.

Facilities - Well maintained cozy rooms, campfire, Homely food, Taxi service, 

 Valley Homestay

 Coffee ranch

Standard Homestay- A well maintained Homestay surrounded by lush green coffee plantation  just 20 kms from Madikeri.

Tariff -  Rs 2500/night for double occupancy  with complimentary breakfast.

Facilities - Veg and non veg food on request,  Campfire, , estate walk, 24 hours hot and cold water, ample parking, travel assistance.

Homestay -​A classic Homestay adjacent to a river , &  Harangi dam back waters ,surrounded with Beautiful landscape ideal for group stay  just 20 Kms from Madikeri.

Tariff for Group stay Rs 1500/head including  breakfast & dinner, can accommodate up to 25 members.

Facilities - Veg & non veg food on request, Camp fire , Barbeque facilities.

Premium Homestay -  Premium homestay  with independent cottages within coffee plantation just 7 kms from Madikeri city.

Independent cottages , double occupancy INR Rs 5000

​plus tax , with complimentary breakfast.

Facilities - Estate trails, indoor games, bonfire, Refridgerator & coffee maker in each room, free Wi-Fi connection.

Premium estate stay - A perfect location for nature lovers, nested amidst lush coffee plantation & woods, a perfect destination for relaxation & rejuvenation. 

Tariff - Rs 2400/night double occupancy with complimentary breakfast.

Facilities - Complimentary breakfast, home made veg & non veg food , LCD TV, 24 hours power back up, camp fire on request.

Tent stay -​ A well maintained tent stay amidst nature, which caters a different experience for nature lovers, just 3 kms from Kushalnager.

Tariff - Rs 1200/night per person with complimentary breakfast & Rs 1500/night per person with complimentary breakfast & dinner.

Facilities- Well maintain tents with sleepwell mattress, 24/7 hot water facilities, campfire, trekking on demand, veg , non veg & coorg cusine  on demand.

Estate stay in Coorg, Plantation stay in Coorg, Best Homestays Coorg

Homestay - A well maintained Homestay surrounded by coffee & orange plantation just 6 kms from Madikeri 

Double occupancy room for just Rs 2490/night & group stay Rs 1000/night with complimentary breakfast.

Facilities - free Wi-Fi, In house kitchen, Satellite TV, estate walk. campfire.


Standard Estate stay -​ A well maintained estate stay for the people who love nature & who want to explore nature being the part of it. This Plantation stay is just 20 kms away from Madikeri.

Tariff - Rs 3000/night, for couples with complimentary breakfast.  For Group bookings Rs 1300/person with breakfast.

Facilities - Well maintained rooms, homely veg & non veg food, rock garden, bonfire with music system, barbeque , estate walk, home made wine for tasting will be provided.



Premium Estate stay - The contemporary bungalow with a unique architecture amidst coffee plantation just 2 kms from Madikeri Town.

Tariff - Rs 4000/night , double occupancy with complimentary breakfast.

Facilities - Well maintained specious rooms, in house veg kitchen, swimming pool , plantation walk, camp fire.

 Nature's Craft

 Silver Brooke Estate

 Premium Homestay - A well maintained premium  Homestay just 6 kms from Madikeri, surrounded by greenery.

Tariff -   Rs 4000/night including complimentary breakfast

​ Facilities- Complimentary breakfast,in house restaurant , 24 hours room service, ample car parking, free wifi, doctor on call,out door activities,  travel desk, 

Premium Estate stay - ​A well maintained cottages amidst coffee plantation just 2 kms from Madikeri.

Tariff - Double occupancy cottages Rs 5000/night including complimentary breakfast.

Facilities - Luxurious cottages with private balcony, coffee maker in rooms indoor games, estate walk, bird watching, campfire, dining area.

Premium Homestay-  ​A well maintained premium Homestay amidst nature just  6 Kms from Madikeri,

Tariff - Double occupancy Room Rs 5000/night with complimentary breakfast.

Facilities -  Campfire, veg & Non veg food, estate walk etc.






 Honey pot homes

 River view Homestay

 Premium Homestay - An well maintained Heritage bungalow amidst coffee and cardamom plantations just 1 km from Madikeri city.

Tariff -  Rs 3000/ night, Double occupancy & Rs 800/night  for extra mattress with complimentary breakfast.

​Facilities- Homely food, campfire, lunch & dinner on request, plantation walk, hot & cold water, 24 hours power back up, taxi service.

Premium Homestay ​ - A  premium homestay amidst lush green coffee plantation just 7 kms from Madikeri, Nestled amidst vast coffee & pepper plantations, silve oak trees, fruit & flowering trees makes silver brooke homestay haven for birds & butterflies.

Tariff - Double occupancy  executive room  Rs 4990/night.

Facilities - Attached bath with all modern facilities,LCD TV, Kings size bed, tea/coffee arrangement, lockable wardrobe, out door campfire, private library, indoor games, Hammock.

 Karada plantation stay

 Makkandoor Homestay

 Serene estate stay

 Heritage Estate stay

 Mekeri plantation stay


 Arekad Homestay

 Palace Homestay




Standard Homestay- ​A well maintained river side homestay amidst nature just 20 kms from Madikeri, ideal from group booking, can accommodate upto 7 members. 

Tariff - Rs 600/person per night, breakfast, lunch and dinner available on request.

Facilities-  campfire, veg and non veg food on request, tent stay, trekking, river side activities.

Homestay- A  Premium Homestay just 9 kms from Madikeri, within the scenic beauty of nature, ideal for groups who want to explore nature.

Tariff - Rs 1500/person per night including breakfast and dinner, for a group of minimum 5 members.

Facilities-  Veg & non veg food, Ample car parking, campfire , In house food, doctor on call, 24/7 travel desk.


 The foot hill-Tent stay


Premium Homestay - ​A well maintained , furnished homestay which is about 20 kms from Madikeri. A perfect destination for relaxation , which is situated near Dubare elephant camp.

Traiff - Rs 5000/night double occupancy with complimentary breakfast & vegetarian Dinner.

Facilities- Complimentary breakfast & dinner, well furnished AC rooms, LCD TV, 24 hours power back up, ample parking area, home made non veg food on request.




 Premium Homestay - Farmhouse nested in the middle of a Pasture, surrounded by coffee plantation.

Tariff -Rs 3500/night double occupancy with complimentary breakfast.  extra person Rs 1200/person.

Facilities- Homely veg & non veg food, plantation walk through coffee estate, paddy fields, Arecanut & bamboo plantation, campfire, Hammock, play frisbee/aerobic in the green expanse.


 wild cat Ranch

 Royal estate Homestay